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When Living Alone is Not the Best Option

When people have early memory loss and live alone there are additional precautions to consider.  During early memory loss the ability to remember to take medications as ordered by your physician declines.  Often people begin to have difficulty with cooking and are prone to leaving the stove unattended while cooking.   

The good news is that new alternatives are available.  Assisted living is a combination of housing and personalized support services designed to meet the needs of those who require daily living support.

Assisted living facilities range from high-rise apartment buildings to single family homes. Some may be freestanding facilities and others may be a part of  multi level residential communities. They vary in size from less than eight residents to over 100 residents.  The services generally include:

  • Three meals a day served in a common dining area
  • Housekeeping services
  • Assistance with personal care as needed
  • 24-hour security and staff availability
  • Medication supervision
  • Social and recreational activities

Remember, there can be life and life abundant after a move to a new location with more support services.

Assisted living facilities are not the only option.  Some people choose to live with their families.  This can be a cost effect option for some people, but does take some adjustment for the entire family.   

Hiring help in the home of the person with Alzheimer’s disease is another alternative.  This is usually the more costly alternative.  Generally eight hours of homecare each day is equal to the cost of an assisted living facility.